A little bit about me

Who am I?

My name is Fotis Koutoulakis. You may also know me as NlightNFotis or nlightnfotis. I am a young (currently 22 years old) Computer Scientist from Greece.

My primary computer science interest lies in systems software and its engineering, such as Compilers, Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Programming languages, Debuggers, etc, but of them all I am mostly interested in programming languages and their implementations.

Secondary interests are algorithms and computer security (with an emphasis on reverse engineering).

I am also a User and Developer of Free Software. In my “free” time I am working towards understanding and contributing to programming language implementations and compilers, with llvm occupying most of that time.

Regarding my career plans, I would like to work as either a research computer scientist on programming languages or a compiler engineer. I would also be happy with working on an operating system.


I maintain an online CV at stack overflow careers which you may find here.

Current Occupation

I am not working anywhere at the moment.

Past Occupations

I have worked as a Google Summer of Code 2013 intern tasked with fully porting gccgo (the Go language frontend for gcc) (Link in the GCC wiki). and the rest of the infrastructure required to allow software written on Go to be correctly executed on the Hurd. You may find more information on my original project proposal, or under the gsoc tag in the blog posts.

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Opinions are my own and do not represent any past or current employers.


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